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  • Shoulder Workouts

    Need a great shoulder workout? Or perhaps you just want to refine your technique, either way our growing collection of shoulder workout videos will help you achieve your goals. If you have any questions, give Jamie and his team a call or pop into the gym and see how we can help. 

    We are adding to this list all the time, but you can also see our full current library on our YouTube Channel. 

  • Shoulder Workout 1: Simple Traditional

  • A simple weight training workout to build size and strength in the shoulders. Introducing traditional weight training exercisers should know.

  • All movements smooth tempo: 2 seconds up and 3 seconds down

    1. Seated DB Shoulder Press,  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps
    2. Upright Row,  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps
    3. Side Raise,  3-4 sets,  8-12 reps
    4. Bent Over Flyes,  3-4 sets,  8-12 reps
  • Shoulder Workout 2: All the angles

  • Enjoy this shoulder workout team!

    The first phase of this workout with the presses and upright rows are your classical weight lifting moves for all over shoulder strength.

    The second phase with the isolation work is for shape and fullness of the muscle. There are 3 different types of loading:
    - In a side raise the max load is at the top of the move
    - In a side lying side raise max load is at the bottom
    - In a cable side raise max load is at the mid point

    This ensures you work your shoulders from every angle!

    1. Standing Barbell Shoulder Press,  4-6 sets Pyramid sets,  Start with a 12 rep weight and gradually increase each set until a 5 rep weight.
    2. Upright Row,  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps
    3. Machine Shoulder Press, 2-3 Drop Sets,  Start with a 5-8 rep weight, then reduce weight and pump out a few more, repeat over 4-5 drops
    4. Super sets  x 3 sets,  8-12 reps each exercise with no rest between: Side Raise +  DB Front Raise +  DB Bent Over Flye
    5. Super sets  x 2-3 sets,  8-12 reps each exercise with no rest between: Side Lying Side Raise + Supine DB Front Raise
    6. Super sets  x 2-4 sets,  8-12 reps each exercise with no rest between: Cable Side Raise (1 Arm) + Bent Over Cable Flye (1 Arm)
    7. Rolling DB Shrugs,  3-4 sets,  8-12 reps


  • Shoulder Workout 3:

  • Introducing power with the Clean and Press, then introducing stability with Arnold Press. The alternate upright rows help strengthen your neck and shoulder at the same time. The triple pulses at the end should work on shoulder width.

    1. Clean and Press, 1 or 2 warm up sets then pyramid from 10-5 reps over 3-6 sets
    2. Arnold Press on Swiss Ball (forward and reverse),  3-5 sets,  10 reps - Hint: the forward direction stringer so you can do a few extra reps.
    3. Alternate Upright Row (Dumbbell),  3-4 sets,  10 reps each arm
    4. Superset 3 sets of 10 reps each with no rest between: Bent Over Flye + High Cable Rear Delt Row (Y Row)
    5. Cable Side Raise Triple pulse,  3 sets each arm,  8-10 reps (3 small 3-5cm pulses at the mid point = 1 rep)
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