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  • Self Massage Tips 01

    Muscle and fascial tissue works like a sheet of material. If there is a knot or tear in the tissue it can distort the entire sheet. MRF can restore the tissue quality so your muscles can work at their best. Whilst a good massage can really do you good it’s probably not practical to employ one for every single workout you do. So here are a few tips for self massage.

  • Self-Massage Tips

    When you rub an area some parts will likely be more sensitive than others. You might be rolling the foam roller along your thigh and everything is fine then hit an area that is really sensitive. I call these hot spots. The plan is to search out these hot spots and slowly roll back and forth over the top of them and a few cm either side, occasionally holding pressure on the hot spot. Do this for about 30 seconds per spot.

    As always there is a knack to these things so feel free to ask us if you need a hand. Otherwise here are a few ideas.

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