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  • Les Mills Classes included with membership

  • Les Mills have long set the standard as The Worlds Best Group Fitness Classes. Our instructors at Aspyre Fitness are some of the best and most experienced anywhere.

    See our latest timetable and descriptions below to learn more

  • Body Pump

    The original and still the best. The world's most popular class and the fastest way to get in shape. Using a barbell and your own selection of weights we scientifically target every muscle group in the body to create a body that is sculpted, lean and strong.

  • Body Combat

    A martial-arts based class taking influence from various disciplines. Non-contact (no black eyes). Set to music and allowing different levels of difficulty so anyone can work off their stress and kick calories around. 

  • Body Balance

    A fusion of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates to lengthen and restore your body.

  • Zumba

    A latin dance infusion inspired cardio workout.

  • No bookings, no surcharges. All group fitness classes described above are included in your membership.


  • Dual Interval Exercise. A hybrid class combining boxing on Aqua Bags, Dynamic strength training and High Intensity Intervals. This unique class was created to burn maximum calories during, after and between workouts (up to 1000calories).  2 coaches per class will guide you to new levels of fitness. 

    This is a premium class with a maximum size of 15 people. Online booking is available or contact our reception to reserve your place (ph 06 8760539)

    Current Aspyre Fitness members get a discounted rate of $7.50 per class or 12 classes for $75. Non members are $17.50 per class or $175 for 12 classes.

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  • Parkour is a discipline of truly functional, practical movement that builds strength, power, fitness, mobility and flexibility. Our group classes are the best way to learn the foundations of parkour and then progress along your own path of movement while getting in the best shape of your life. 

    Variability of movement is health, and you’ll experience a huge range of movement competencies in every single class. We start with a very thorough warm-up to prepare and strengthen the body for movement, then move on to the main movement training of the session before finishing with supplementary physical training and a comprehensive cool-down to restore your balance.

    This small group coaching session is held by Alex Pownall, he is the head coach of Parkour Generations UK with 14 years experience. These 1 hour sessions take place  in the freestyle area of the gym.

    Kids classes for age 9-14 are on Tuesdays at 4pm.
    Adults classes for age 15+ are at 5:45pm on Wednesdays.

    Members discounted rate is $10 per session. Non members rate is $16 per session.

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  • A dedicated yoga space with a variety of session types and times. See our onsite partners for more information.

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