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  • A FREE program for Heinz Wattie's from Aspyre Fitness

  • FREE 4 week program designed to get you moving

    Training twice per week.

    3:30pm Mondays & Wednesdays

  • How it works

    • Our aim is to kick start you towards a healthier lifestyle
    • It’s designed for those with zero or low fitness base
    • We will teach you the why and how of proper exercise technique
    • Improve your fitness at YOUR pace
    • Increase your confidence
    • Have fun while exercising
    • Our strength is we know how to make fitness fun
  • Why is it FREE?

    Two reasons:

    Firstly, we truly love helping people succeed. Watching peoples confidence in themselves grow is the best part of our job.

    Secondly, we have lost count of the amount of times people have said they wanted to exercise but lacked the confidence. Well here is your opportunity.

  • We will be starting off at a low base and slowly building it up every session. The best part is you can go at your own pace without having to keep up with anyone. You will be with a group of people in the same fitness boat as you.  This could be the most rewarding 4 weeks of your life.

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