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  • At home workout with a pot
  • Total Body Strength / Mobility

  • 1. Warm up 2-3 rounds of:  10x Arm Circles, 10x Hip Circles per leg, 10x Leg swings per leg, 3 Inch Worms

     2. 2 sets of: Side reach From Floor x 10 + Switch Climber with reach up x 10

     3. 2-3 sets of Rock Up x 10 each leg + Shoot Through x 7 each leg + Full Side reach x 20 alternate reps.

     4. 2-3 sets of: Rock up to Shoot Through Combination x 7 each leg, + Hip Escape x 20 alternate, + Side Reach from Squat x 10 alternate

     5. 2-3 sets of: Side Shifty Monkey Double x 6-10, + Lunge into Romanian Deadlift x 8-10 per leg

     6. 2-3 sets of: Half Turkish Get Up x 8-10 per side, + Natural Hamstrings Curl Hold x 3 x maximum time hold.

     7. 3-4 sets of: Hip Hikes from Counter Top maximum Reps, + Horizontal Pull Ups x maximum Reps.

     8. 2-3 sets of: Right Arm- Palm Up Side Raise x 6-10 reps, + Palm Down Side raise x 6-10 reps + Triceps Press ups x maximum reps, then Left Arm.

     9. 2-3 sets of: Pancakes x maximum reps, + Cobra x 10-15 reps

  • Serious Upper Body Strength

  • Note: This is not an easy workout. Aim for quality of movement.

    Tempo Notes: eg. 2-3-5-0 = 2 seconds up, 3 second hold (squeeze), 5 second down, 0 second rest between reps

    Wide Grip Horizontal Pull Up: Tempo 2-3-5-0, max reps x 4 sets

    Top Ups to Tuck: Tempo 2-2-4-2-2, (2 sec pull up- 2 sec pull back- 4 sec hold- 2 sec pull in- 2 sec down) 1-5 reps. once you can do 5 reps reps extend levers. x 5-6 sets

    Front Lever reduced lever arch: Tempo 2-5-2-1, 5-10 reps x 3 sets

    Archer Press up: Tempo 3-3-2-0, 5-10 reps each side x 4 sets each

    Handstand Press up: Tempo 3-0-1-0, up to 10 reps x 4 sets

    L sit Dips: Tempo 3-2-1-3, up to 10 reps x 4 sets

    Biceps Push Up: Tempo 3-2-1-3, up to 10 reps x 3 sets

  • Stretchy

  • Clothesline

  • Perform all exercises for maximum reps, x 4-5 rounds

    Strap Knee Tuck

    Single Leg Squat with back foot in strap

    Press up or Triceps Press up

    Horizontal Pull up

    Sissy Squat

    Chin up with sissy squat assist

    Triceps Dips

    Hanging Knee Raise

  • In The Kitchen Upper and Lower Body

  • The purpose of this workout is to gain / maintain strength. Be honest with yourself and choose the hardest option you can do.

    Warm up x 2

    Body Weight Squat x 10

    Happy cat - Angry Cat x 10

    Easy Press Up x 10


    Part One x 4 rounds

    Planche Style Press Ups 6-10 reps

    Elevated Pike to Reverse Plank 6-10 reps

    Hamstrings Slides 6-10 reps

    (Choose an intensity level to make it hard, we are not just going through the numbers here it need to be a challenge to get to 10 reps)

    Part Two x 4 rounds

    Horizontal Pull Up x 8-12 reps

    Shrimp squat x 4-8 per leg (back toe does not touch floor)

    Horizontal Pull Up with reach x 4-8 reps

    Shrimp Squat x 4-8 per leg

  • Total Body Not Too Extreme

  • You can follow along with us or just watch each phase first and then do it on your own.

    Intro 0:00 - 0:45

    Warm up stretch Phase One: 0:45 - 5:06

    3 rounds of:

    Up Dog,Childs Pose,Down Dog

    Lunge to outside hand and rotate hand to ceiling (leg one)
    Down Dog
    Lunge to outside hand and rotate hand to ceiling (leg two)
    Down Dog
    Child Pose
    Lay Down on front

    Warm up stretch Phase Two: 05:06 - 08:11

    3 rounds of:
    Boob crusher left - right
    Roll over
    Low body twist
    Roll over
    Low body twist
    Roll to front

    Warm up stretch Phase Three: 08:11 - 11:00

    2 rounds of:
    Side leans x 6
    Wide feet forward fold
    Walk hands forward to centre and reach outside opposite shin/ankle left then right

    Core Conditioning Phase One: 11:00 - 14:27

    2 rounds of:
    Side reach from floor x 6
    Single leg lower ab leg drop x 6

    Core Conditioning Phase Two: 14:27 - 16:50

    2 rounds of:
    Side reach from hands x 10
    Staple Crunch x 10

    Movement Flow: 16:50 - 19:59

    3 rounds of:
    Hip escape x 10
    Side shift monkey squat x 10

    Strength Phase One: 19:59 - 22:26

    3 rounds of: 
    Single leg Squat with Back foot on chair RIGHT leg x maximum reps
    Press ups x maximum reps
    Single leg Squat with Back foot on chair LEFT leg
    Press ups

    Strength Phase Two: 22:26 - 24:35

    3 rounds of:
    Goblet squat x 10-15
    Single arm row from press up position (hand on something)
    Try and find an object you can hold thats around 4-6 kg eg. back of potatoes, box of beer, a brick, your cat, backpack filled with bottles of water…

    Strength Phase Three: 24:35 - 27:52

    2-3 rounds of:
    Single Leg Romanian Deadlift x 5-10 each leg
    Half Turkish Get up with Step Back through x 5-10 each side

    Strength Phase Four: 27:52 - 30:07

    2-3 rounds of:
    Single leg Squat from Seat maximum reps Target x 10 reps RIGHT leg
    Half Landmine x 10-15 RIGHT side
    Other sides

    Core Conditioning Phase Three 30:07 - 33:32

    1 or 2 rounds of:
    Staple Crunch x 10 reps
    Rest 10 seconds
    Staple Crunch x 10
    Oblique Staple Crunch LEFT x 5-10
    Oblique Staple Crunch RIGHT x 5-10
    Repeat Oblique Staple crunch each side
    Lower Body Twist 10-20 reps alternate sides
    Rest 10 seconds
    Lower Body Twist 10-20 reps alternate sides

    Core Conditioning Phase Four 33:32 - 34:26

    2 rounds of:
    Weight Over Head Sit up x maximum reps
    Rest 10 seconds

    Stretch 34:26 - 40:43

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