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  • Locally owned and operted. How are we Different?

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    Indoor Rock Climbing

    Personal Training Every Month with your membership

    A warm welcome every time!

    • A big part of our mission is to do what the others gyms won't or can't do. We offer a vast variety of equipment and styles of training. From traditional strength training to Les Mills group fitness classes to cross training, yoga Rock Climbing and gymnastics. We provide all the bits you would expect a gym to have and a whole bunch more.


    • Members of Aspyre Fitness receive personalised coaching and exercise programming every month. Because we believe that your success is our success we strive to give you not only the right tools but the right training. Every month meet with one of our experienced team to fine tune your individual strategy for success.


    • A one stop shop. We are a hub for all your fitness needs. Physiotherapy, Massage, Yoga studio Nutrition Lounge and Martial Arts along with the rest of the gym all under one roof.


    • Not a corporate box. Locally owned and operated, we like to know our customers and share in their journey. Don't be just a number, be a person. We don't want our members to just go to the gym, we want them to feel like an important part of the family.
  • A few things we do here

  • We asked our members- How are we different and why us?
    Poppy: It has such a friendly atmosphere the team are always willing and wanting to help. Also it has such a diverse range of equipment, I mean where else has monkey bars, rings and poles just for you to climb and a big spinning rock wheel that you can climb on.

    Joel: In most gyms you can just give it ago and you are left to figure out on your own. Here they give you direction right from the start they give you a map to success.

    Doug: I like the people I like the fact that I can have a chat to a 50 year old one minute and then a 20 year old the next and we all get along. I'm a bit of a traditional weights guy myself so that's what I do but I love watching all the weird stuff that they come up with around here that just leaves me in wonderment.

    Jordan: For me it's the atmosphere of the people here. I went to another gym before this and it seemed like for the guys that work there it was just a job to them. Here it's different and everyone wants everyone else to succeed so they help in anyway they can that includes both staff and other members.

    Jamie: Probably that I feel comfortable coming here and it’ welcoming. There's not a whole lot of people that feel judgemental. Probably the main thing for me is that I can bring my kids to sit in the pram so that I can work hard and there's no excuses. And the program that we get every month is really good.

    Justin: The open space is really good. The modern equipment, I mean it's old school but it sort of modern again. The monkey bars, the climbing wall the gymnastic stuff yeah that's cool. The free classes and the attention to changing the workout programs every month yeah that's pretty good. The staff are probably the biggest difference, I mean I like the staff at the other gyms as well but here it’s the personal touch. The fact that they greet you by name.
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