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  • Low Calorie Diets & 1000Cal Meal Plan

    I was talking to Stacey (your Aspyre Fitness nutritionist) about the concept of high nutrition-low calorie diets. The idea is to get maximum nutrients -viatmins and minerals that your body needs to function with minimal calorie count. Basically the opposite of a processed burger and fries which is high in calorie but low in nutrients.

    I asked Stacey to design a 1000cal a day food plan that still gets as much nutrient as possible for such a low calorie count. Lets be honest 1000cal a day is very low. My slender wife needs over 2000cal a day so halving that is to big a deficit.  

    Crash diets with large energy deficits are usually not a good idea. If there is not enough energy comming in to support vital functions and daily living the body will start loosing muscle and water. It basically goes into a starvation mode where it wants to hold onto fat. This results in a reduced metabolic rate. Thus when you do start eating normally agian the body says 'yay food!' and stores it as fat. This effect is commonly called the yoyo effect. 

    This starvation mode is typically triggered after about a week. So if you allow your self a cheat day or two (not on 2 consecutive days) you can probably avoid it for a few weeks. 

    We do not recommend large calorie deficit diets for extended time as it will likely backfire on you. But many people like to have a blast out now and again.

  • How it works

    Whilst many people respond to small dietary changes every day, some of us respond better to more dramatic changes only a few days a week. I recommend following the 1000Cal a day meal plan only 2 or 3 days per week and not more than 2 days consecutively.

    The meal plan below allows for 3 main means totalling 900cal. This allows for 100cal worth of snacks in between. Snack ideas are listed at the end.

    Choose 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner. There are 3 options for each meal.

    Even though the plan below tries to achieve maximum nutrition, 1000caloreis per day just doesn't allow for enough variety and volume of food to get all that your body needs. So I suggest taking a multi vitamin as well.

    Try having a large glass of water about 10 minutes before eating to try and fill your stomach a little before food goes in.

  • Breakfast

    ½ Cup rolled oats (144cal)

    ½ Cup trim milk (50cal) 

    ½ banana (50cal)

    8 strawberries (30cal)

    274 cal


    Banana Smoothie:

    1 Cup trim milk (100cal) 

    1 large banana (100cal) 

    125g Live Lite Yoghurt (75cal) 

    Sprinkle of cinnamon

    275 cal 


    1 piece wholemeal toast (100cal)

    1 Tbsp peanut butter (122cal)

    ½ banana (50cal) 

    272 cal

  • Lunch

    2 poached eggs (140cal)

    1 piece wholemeal toast (100cal)

    ¼ avocado (80cal)

    320 cal



    50g lite cottage cheese (40cal)

    1 medium tomato (16cal)

    4x Grain wafers (70cal)

    ¼ avocado (80cal)

    206 cal




    2 eggs (140cal)

    25g grated mainland noble cheese (89 cal)

    25g (1 deli slice) ham (34 calories)

    ½ tomato (8cal)

    271 cal

  • Dinner

    100g baked skinless chicken breast (165cal)

    2C cauliflower rice (50cal)

    25g capsicum (10cal)

    1 carrot chopped (25cal)

    Stir fried in 1Tbsp olive oil (40)




    2x roasted skinless chicken drumstick (150cal)

    1 medium tomato (16cal)

    1 C Cucumber (8cal)

    1 Tbsp Red onion (4cal)

    28g feta cheese (70cal)




    ½ Cup Brown rice (110cal)

    92g (half a small 185g can) Canned tuna in water (97cal)

    watties mix vege 1 cup (84cal)

    291 cal    

  • Snacks under 100 calories

    choose one snack to help get through your day.

    -       250mL trim milk (95cal)

    -       125g lite yoghurt pottle (75cal)

    -       1 Cup Blueberries (85cal)

    -       Sweetcorn cob (50cal)

    -       Apple (70cal)

    -       2 kiwifruit (95cal)

    -       12 almonds (75cal)

    -       3 Tbsp Hummus with 1 carrot (100cal)

    -       2 Brazil nuts (40cal) 

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