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  • Make a $45 donation to Nourished for Nil

    And we will give you a Free One Month Membership

  • Nourished for Nil was formed in 2017 by Christina McBeth and Louise Saurin with a mission to rescue food that would otherwise go to waste and redistribute it to the Hawke's Bay community. The goal is to minimise the food waste in Hawke's Bay and keep our community nourished for nil.

    They are a local non-profit organisation with a simple system, rescuing food from donors to recipients in the space of mere hours. The team is comprised of committed volunteers with a shared passion for reducing waste and helping the community.

  • By purchasing this 1 month membership at the special price of $45 you will be supporting this amazing organisation. We will send 100% of your $45 to Nourished for Nil.
    You will get full gym membership at Hastings coolest gym.
    ◦ Full access to all facilities including Les Mills group fitness classes.
    ◦ Cardio and weights of course.
    ◦ Gymnastics and calisthenics.
    ◦ Boxing Studio.
    ◦ Rock Climbing.
    ◦ Sauna.
    Your membership will be live immediately. If you would prefer to delay the start date (by up to 2 weeks) you can let us know on the screen after your transaction.

  • This special offer is available until Sunday August 16 2020

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