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  • Muscles are only as big and strong as they need to be. Give yours a reason by progressively overloading them with more and more challenging activities. The old saying is‘whats hard today will one day be your warm up.’

    If your body is not used to exercise then at the beginning you will need to condition the muscles and connective tissues to a new type of activity. A good approach is to do a little bit for each muscle in your workout and repeat that workout a few times each week. Typically this takes 4-6 weeks. After your conditioning phase more intense training and more time per movement type is possible so you might try a training split (focusing on one muscle group per workout).

    Free weights are always your best bet for growing maximum strength and are the main component is building muscle size. It takes more skill to control barbells and dumbbells than machines. The general idea is to start with simple movements and gradually increase the complexity and intensity of your exercise choices.

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    Weight Training

    Having the largest gym space in Hastings has it’s advantages, we have lots of room for a wide range of weight training machines and usually at least 2 of each so you won’t have to weight (ha ha- I mean wait) to get on them when you need them. We have a huge selection of free weights also: Barbells, dumbbells, ridiculously heavy medicine balls and kettle bells. We have an Olympic lifting platform with bumper plates to get into explosive and Olympic lifting along with heavy duty jerk boxes for advanced lifting.

     Everyones body structure is different, what works great for that guy won’t necessarily work so well for you. This is especially true if you have suffered injuries in the past. Memberships of 3 months+ include highly detailed and individualized personal exercise programs to teach you the best way to get you to develop. 

    We have a long and successful history of results in strength training, we have done it and we know how to get you to do it.

  • Strength & Muscle Building Testimonial

    Aron Noble

    "There are a number of key components required when strength and muscle gains are your goals.  You need to have an effective training regime, a balanced nutritional plan, the right training tools and a training environment that is conducive for excellence. 

    Aspyre Fitness has the expertise to provide nutritional and training plans to ensure your goals of adding more mass or getting stronger are met.  However, it is the training facility that really sets this gym apart from all the rest.  It has the most comprehensive selection of exercise equipment in the Hawke’s Bay and easily caters for athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters and more. 

    Over the last 12 years I have achieved national and international success as a natural bodybuilder while training at Aspyre Fitness.  My success has been down to the fact that I have had a gym that provides the right tools for excellence.  I have more than enough weights to progressively overload my muscles and the variety of exercise stations means I can hit my muscles from all angles to ensure every body part is developed to their full potential.

    Another key component is the environment.  If the atmosphere is right it can inspire excellence.  I have always found Aspyre Fitness to be a highly motivating environment for me to meet my strength and muscle  goals.  From the highly qualified staff to the like-minded members- we are all there for the same thing- excellence in our personal goals.  

    So if your goal is to get stronger and put on muscle, Aspyre Fitness is the place for you!"

    Aron Noble

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