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    Most exercise prescription is given assuming that the body is well balanced and injury free. But what if you are not?

    As part of your membership with us you are eligible for Functional Muscle testing where we find out how you move in various directions. Giving us indicators of muscle tensions. 

    If there is too much tension in a muscle or group of muscles or too little the joint can move out of position. For example if the muscles of the chest are too tight and the upper / middle back are too loose then the shoulder moves forward. This is usually accompanied by the shoulders moving up towards the ears as well. Because the human brain wants to level the eyes to the horizon then chin will likely protrude forward as an attempt to lift the head. Next thing is the upper spine at the base of the skull gets increased curvature which can lead to tension headaches and even dizzyness. The moral of the story is that everything is connected and whilst one area may be the concern at a time, then system should be considered as a whole.  Whats the point of fixing the bit that hurts at the time but not fixing the system so that it just come back again and again? This is the basis of modern sports rehabilitation. 

    Sometimes its a few simple trigger exercises or stretches along with the rest of your workout routine, sometimes more in-depth one on one sessions are needed to re-program the system. Either way our experienced, qualified Personal Trainers can help.

  • Rehabilitation Testimonial

    Aspyre Fitness - Rehabilitation
    "When I was 15 years old I was diagnosed with Scheuermanns Disease. This gave my lower and middle back a hunched appearance. Almost every day of my life I have suffered back pain. As I’ve grown older and my jobs have become less physical the pain Increased. So I began running which seemed good in the beginning but as time went on the back pain was not going away. I joined a couple of gyms but there was no great emphasis on technique or if there was I missed it. 

    Aspyre Fitness was recommended to me by a long term member who had been endlessly trying to get me to convert. 

    In the 5 weeks of PT I have had since joining I have had to reconnect to muscles, perform a multitude of exercise which had me being stretched in numerous ways to lifting heavier weights all with the emphasis on technique. As my core and back has become stronger and more balanced the less pain I have been experiencing all on the way to being stronger than I have been in years."


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