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  • Leg Workouts

    Need a great leg workout? Or perhaps you just want to refine your technique, either way our growing collection of leg workout videos will help you achieve your goals. If you have any questions, give Jamie and his team a call or pop into the gym and see how we can help. 

    We are adding to this list all the time, but you can also see our full current library on our YouTube Channel. 

  • Leg Workout 1: Simple Traditional

  • Covering the basics of weight training for your legs. Every weight trainer should know these movements. Build strength and mass with squats (the King of leg exercise). Strength, stability and thigh sweep with lunges. Then detail and shape with isolated moves. 

    Tempo for all movements should be slow and controlled, around 1-2 seconds up and 2-4 seconds downward.

    1. Squat,  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps
    2. Lunges (alternate stepping),  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps each leg
    3. Leg Extension,  3-4 sets,  8-12 reps
    4. Hamstrings Curl,  2-4 sets,  8-12 reps
    5. Standing Calf Raise,  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps
  • Leg Workout 2: Smash and Trash

  • Up to 28 sets in total. Adding pyramid sets at the beginning to get your weights up and reps down. The double step ups translate really well onto the sports field and draw out the separation from the gluten to hamstrings. Old fashioned hack squats are great for developing sweep in your outer thigh and supersetting it with leg extensions is a cruel but effective compliment. The same could be said of the deadlift  and hamstrings curl combination.

    1. Squat,  4-6 sets,  Pyramid from 15 to 8 reps
    2. Static Lunge,  2-3 sets per leg,  8-12 reps
    3. Double Step ups,  2-3 sets per side,  8-12 reps
    4. Single Leg Squat with back foot on bench,  2-3 sets per leg,  8-12 reps
    5. Hack Squat + Leg Extension (super set - no rest between squats and extensions),  3 sets,  8-12 reps each
    6. Deadlift + Hamstrings Curl (super set - no rest between),  3 sets,  8-12 reps each
    7. Single Leg Calf Raise with Kettle Bell,  2-3 sets each,  10-15 reps
    8. Calf Press,  3-4 sets,  10-15 reps
  • Legs Workout 3: Breaking Barriers

  • A leg workout to get you growing. Adding the concept of load shifting by adding chains to the bar during squatting to make it heavier at the top than the bottom. Introducing deadlifts into the leg workout to smash the hip area and continuing the concept of super setting.

    1. Squat (pyramid sets): 1st set 20 reps, 2nd 15 reps, 3rd and optional 4th set at 10-12 reps
    2. Squat with chains: 2-3 sets - add chains to your 10-12 rep weight to squat at 7-10 reps
    3. Walking Lunges, 3-4 sets, 10-15 steps per leg
    4. Deadlift + Leg Extension (super set - no rest between exercises), 3-4 sets
    5. Hamstrings Curl + SLOW Leg Extensions with toes turned out (super set), 2-3 sets
    6. Standing Calf Raise (pyramid sets): 1st set 20 reps, 2nd set 15 reps 3rd & 4th 10 reps
    7. Calf Press, 3-4 sets, 10 reps
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