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  • We love finding different ways to help people explore movement and get fit. As there was no place in Hawke's Bay to go indoor rock climbing we thought we would build one. 60 square meters of Verticals, Slabs, Over Hangs and Ceiling is now available to explore.

  • Rock climbing is not just about upper body strength. Successful climbing relies on intricate footwork, lower body strength and endurance, all over flexibility and core strength. Although not often thought about as a common form of cardio, climbing is a sure way of getting your heart pumping similar to the way that jogging or group fitness classes do. A one-hour climb session can burn well over 700 calories. And you WILL NOT GET BORED.

    Climbing boosts brain function. In addition to the physical benefits climbing involves problem-solving skills in a 3D physical environment. The human brain developed to solve problems and activities that need active involvement (ie. not just tuning out) have a much higher rate of long term consistency and success.

    “The movement in climbing up a route often demands body awareness and problem-solving. More often than not, the way to the top is not as direct as you might assume, and it takes laser focus to work through which holds to grab and where exactly to place your foot before shifting your body weight.” - Alex Johnson, team climber with the The North Face.

    Climbing at Aspyre Fitness. We built our Bouldering gym to cater for everyone. From Kids to gym enthusiasts to climbers themselves.

    Members can use the climbing area anytime as part or all of their workout. We welcome casual drop in visits also at $12.50 for an adult or $8.50 for a student. Family passes are also available - Mum + Dad + 2 Kids (over 7 years old) at $35. Think about it, kids climb and parents take turns while doing their own workout in the rest of the gym. 

    Note: Climbing shoes are not essential but are advised as they make the whole experience more rewarding. Shoe hire is free.

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