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  • We Aspyre Fitness shall make every effort to ensure we operate a safe, encouraging and welcoming environment. 

    However accidents do happen so usage of the gym is on the following understanding.

    Usage of the gym is subject to agreement to the following rules:

    Unload / Replace equipment to appropriate storage after use. Even if it was there when you started. You use it - You unload the bar and put it away. We operate on a 3 strikes and you’re out policy. This will be enforced by security monitoring.

    Show Courtesy and respect to other members

    Wipe down sweaty benches / equipment with towel or paper towels provided.

    O.S.H regulations require shoes to be worn.

    No abuse of equipment dropping / throwing weights. Please respect the equipment.

    The notice boards are not an open public forum. Please ask if you have a notice to put up.

    Dispose of chewing gum properly.

    No Violent / threatening / abusive behaviour or language.

    No theft.

    No illegal performance enhancing substances on or about the premises.

    Aspyre Fitness is not responsible for any injury incurred during exercise.

    Non - adherence to these rules may result in immediate termination with no refund.

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