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  • Fat Loss

  • How Can We Help?

    Big range of cardio gear: bikes, treadmills etc.. Get your heart rate and metabolism up to burn calories.

    Les Mills Group Fitness Classes to get your fitness up. A range of styles to suit your personality from Body Combat and Body Step to RPM cycling. We also hold sessions of the worlds most popular class Body Pump to tone the body and raise your metabolism.

    Memberships of 3months+ include highly detailed and individualized personal exercise programs to teach you how to stimulate those calorie burning muscles. We have a reputation for creating varied and fun exercise programs that keep you coming and fat going.

    Onsite Nutritionist to guide you to healthier food choices.

  • Fat Loss Testimonial

    Fat Loss Story from Christel

    "Crunch time for me was when I hit 120kg, and I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, ‘well done chick, you could be a prop for the ABS’, but as that was not a realistic job proposition it was time to do something about the weight.  

    With Jamie and his staff I feel supported in what I’m doing, there’s a huge knowledge base to draw on, and the workouts and big range of classes are kept fun which keeps you coming back. (Fair to say it’s very addictive, I’m here just about every day now!) 

    I have been made to feel more than a number, at other gyms once they’ve had my membership money that was as much support that I got.  I have and will continue to recommend Aspyre to other people, it’s simply an awesome place to come to."


  • Body Fat is stored energy. Energy in the body is normally counted in Calories or KiloJules. Reducing body fat requires using more energy than you consume so your body uses its stored energy to make up the deficit. 

    The magic word: METABOLISM. Do you know anyone really lean that can eat all day and still be lean? These people are blessed with a naturally fast metabolism so that when they eat they use up the energy rather than store it. If you want to loose body fat you need to speed up your metabolism.

    Factors that effect your metabolism:

    1. Age- we cant help you there.
    2. Gender- a bit out of our area.
    3. Food- Different foods effect your metabolism in different ways; we can help you learn which.
    4. Exercise- When you exercise you are using energy faster than when you are sitting on the couch.
    5. Muscle- Muscle cells require more calories per hour just to live than any other kind of cell.
    6. Aerobic Fitness- Body fat can only be used for energy in a kind of cell called mitochondria within your muscles. These cells use fat and oxygen to get the job done. If you are aerobically fitter you will be a better fat burner.
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