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  • Lift a weight to help others carry theirs.

    Fundraiser for the Heretaunga Women’s Center. Bringing women together to create a better future.  Connecting women, growing together, giving back. Offering a range of services from Legal Advice and Councelling to Baby Changing and Education services, the Heretaunga Womens Center has offered a safe and supportive environment for Hastings women since 1921.

  • Help the ‘East 200 Block’ lift 100 Tons.

    The deadlift is one of the most fundamental movements we make. Pick up a weight from the ground.

    The plan: Throughout the week of March 9th to 15th help the East 200 Block deadlift a total of 100,000kg at Aspyre Fitness. If we achieve it the business’s from the 200 block of Heretaunga St East will donate funds to the Heretaunga Women’s Center.

    How? : If some one lifts a 20kg bar once thats 20kg towards our 100,000kg goal. If they lift it twice thats 40kg towards the goal. If someone lifts 100kg 3 times thats another 300kg. It all adds up at the end of the week.
    If you don’t know how to deadlift or why you should, we can teach you.

    When / Where? : Any time day from Monday the March 9th until Sunday the 15th at Aspyre Fitness 208 Heretaunga St East, Hastings

    Does it cost anything? : No. Admission to deadlift is free. You can make a donation during your visit if you like.

    What do I get out of it? : Apart from the satisfaction of helping a great cause you go in the draw to win a prize basket from our supporters in the 200 block Heretaunga St, East.

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