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  • Why Choose Aspyre?

    Individual specialization / safety

    Your safety is important to us. We take each person as an individual and tailor workouts for each person individually. Not everyone is capable of doing every exercise. We can help you find the right exercise at the right time. We have a great selection of group workouts available but there are some exercises that are best learned in a one on one setting. 

    Structure within your workout and your workout week is important. 

    Some exercises should not be combined together and if you do this today, what is safe to do tomorrow while this part of your body recovers? We can help you make it effective whilst still being safe.

    Big selection of cross training style gear. 

    Balls, KettleBells, Rings, Ropes, Tyres, Bumper Plates, Logs, Boxes.

  • Cross Training Testimonial

    Case study - Cross Training

    "I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got a short attention span, and that’s why cross training has been so fantastic for me. Cross training was a great way to diversify my training sessions and keep it interesting, this kept me coming back to the gym for more which has helped me to reach my fitness goals. 

    Every workout contains something new, challenging and exciting. By the end of each session my heart rate is up, my muscles are fatigued, and I feel like I’ve accomplished something new. Not to mention getting to swing a great big hammer around does wonders for stress release!"


  • "Prepare for anything by training for everything."

    Cross training has been around for a long time. Lately it has attracted a few other names. 

    There are a lot of different ways to workout. Cardio, traditional strength training, powerlifting, speedwork... . Extended periods of one type of training or movement set can result in over-use of some parts of the body resulting in injury or development of one element of fitness at the expense of another. A well structured cross training workout can avoid this. 

    One all-over workout covering all types of training. Cross training is a great way to burn a lot of calories. When you do a cardio workout (run, bike, aerobics class...) you burn lots of calories while you do it and improve your fitness. When you do a weight training workout you don’t burn as many calories at the time but you burn more after for longer and raise your metabolism between workouts. Plus of course your muscle get stronger and more toned. With cross training you combine both at the same time so you burn a lot at the time whilst getting fitter and stronger and raising your metabolism between workouts.

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