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  • Arm Workouts

    Need a great arm workout? Or perhaps you just want to refine your technique, either way our growing collection of arm workout videos will help you achieve your goals. If you have any questions, give Jamie and his team a call or pop into the gym and see how we can help. 

    We are adding to this list all the time, but you can also see our full current library on our YouTube Channel. 

  • Arms (Biceps and Triceps) Workout: Simple & Traditional

  • Covering the basics of weight training for your Biceps and Triceps. Every weight trainer should know these movements. 

    Biceps first: Build strength and mass with regular barbell curls and hammer grip curls, then preacher curls for a full long biceps.

    Triceps second: Extensions develop all of the triceps, Pressdowns are easier to go hard and heavy when you are tired so do them after the extensions. Then once most of the work is done exhaust the the long head of the triceps with Over Head Extensions to make the arm better when viewed side on.

  • Tempo for all movements should be slow and controlled, around 1-2 seconds up and 2-4 seconds downward.


    1. Standing Barbell Curls,  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps
    2. Seated Alternate Hammer Curls,  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps
    3. EZ Bar Preacher Curls,  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps


    1. Triceps Extensions,  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps
    2. Pressdowns,  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps
    3. Over Head 2 Arm Extensions,  3-5 sets,  8-12 reps
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