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  • How are we different and why us?
    Members of Aspyre Fitness receive personalised coaching and exercise programming. Because we believe that your success is our success we strive to give you not only the right tools but the right training. Every month meet with one of our experienced team to fine tune your individual strategy for success.
    Vast variety of equipment and styles of training. From traditional strength training to Les Mills group fitness classes to cross training and yoga. We provide all the bits you would expect a gym to have and a whole bunch more including NZ's only Rock Wheel (a big rotating disc that allows you to rock climb for an infinite distance without ever going high off the ground).
    A one stop shop. Our plan is to be a hub for all your fitness needs. Physiotherapy, Massage, Yoga studio and Martial Arts along with the rest of the gym all under one roof.
    Not a corporate box. Locally owned and operated, we like to know our customers and share in their journey. Don't be just a number, be a person
    From the beginning of our journey we always put exercise first. Fancy shiny things are nice but people come to us for the results first and foremost. The difficulty is that we cannot get results for our members because we can’t do the exercise for them. So we put our focus on getting people to learn the most effective methods and do our best to motivate them. Thats why monthly Personal Exercise Consultations are free with your membership 3 months+. 
    We don't want our members to just go to the gym, we want them to feel like an important part of the family.
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