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  • Going Beyond Smoothies and Shakes

    While this recipe guide will give you plenty of healthy choices for smoothies, shakes, and snacks, you must remember to pursue balance in your diet. It is important to use this book occasionally, when your day calls for a smoothie, shake, or snack. It is not necessary to consult with this recipe guide at every meal.

    Beyond eating and drinking the foods contained in the recipe list, here are some ways to pursue a healthy and balanced diet:

    1. Incremental Change

    - Practice makes perfect. Do not fret about totally remaking your life today. Simply get started on the road to positive eating by making one or two small changes each week.

    2. Eat Breakfast

    - It is never a good idea to skip meals. Eating throughout the day keeps your metabolism humming. Of special importance is breakfast, which many consider to be the most important meal of the day. Do not skip it, even if you are in a hurry.

    3. Go Shopping

    - The surest way to give into temptation is to make it easy to do so. That’s why you should make a grocery list and stick to the items on it, rather than impulsively buying sweets and treats.

    3. Stick to a Plan

    - If you take the extra step to plan out your daily/weekly meals, you will be more likely to stick to that plan and less likely to make the little “mistakes” that add up to consuming more calories and unhealthy materials than you desire.

    4. Create a Supportive Environment

    - While you shouldn’t go out and start distancing yourself from all your friends, it is important to spend time with people who believe in you, approve of your goals, and want to help you achieve your dreams of fat loss.

    5. Keep a Food Journal



    - At the end of each day, you should write down what you ate that day. Do your actions align with your intentions? If not, figure out what it is that’s tripping you up. Also pay attention to what’s working for you, and try to do it more often.

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