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  • 30% Off Introduction Personal Training Packages until 11 December.

  • A Personal Trainers job is to have maximum impact to their client's problem.

    There is no one size fits all in fitness. Everyone has their own physical and emotional history, so every one needs an individual solution.

    Some of us just need a push to work a little harder or smarter. Some of us are lost and don't know how or where to start. If you are considering becoming your best version of you, find out how we can help. 

    Until the 11th of December Aspyre Fitness is offering 30% off introduction Personal Training packages. 

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  • Here is what some our customers had to say.

    Since I started training with Jamie at Aspyre Fitness there has been a huge change in me both physically and mentally.  Initially I had a pretty negative view of gyms but that attitude was dismissed pretty quickly.  There has been a huge change in my strength and fitness and Aspyre Fitness has helped me achieve goals I never thought possible. I had battled with being overweight for years but Jamie and his team provides the expertise and knowledge required to make healthy lifestyle changes and stick with them. I have learnt a lot and I appreciated the non-judgmental but helpful approach. The change in me physically has gone way beyond my expectations.  An added bonus is the fantastic people I have met and the friendships made.  My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier.


    I can walk again, thanks to Jamie Loughran and his team. It’s a pleasure to watch Jamie work alongside his trainers and, more importantly, with his clients.He cares. He has humour. He has knowledge of his craft, and he likes to share it. He succeeds. I know this because, as I was nearing 68 years my doctor said “find a gym” . . . I had been flat on my back, paralysed from the neck down.  The doctor and the hospital got me back on my feet again, but they said more was needed. So, having never previously been in a gym I undertook some soundings. Jamie Loughran passed the test. Two years later people are still commenting both on how well I am moving these days … and, at nearly 70, how well I look.


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